About Us

ClassiQmen.biz is the leading online platform that offers vast designs, newest model of the most popular brands and supply of top-quality foot wears for brands, designers and reputable clients. We believe in tailored services. ClassiQmen.biz provides personalized project planning for each client to ensure all details of your choice is being catered for. By leveraging on our online platform, together with a ground team of experienced customer service managers, communication and execution are streamlined with little or no limitations or constraints.

ClassiQmen.biz looks forward to providing consultation services, as well as educational materials and in-depth courses to help new businesses and shoe companies kick start their footwear venture

ClassiQmen.biz is a new and improved way of shoe shopping in Nigeria. We are an online shop headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. We sell the leading brands of men's shoes and accessories. As an online store, ClassiQmen.biz is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you. Shop in your pajamas or office clothes; don't worry about parking hassles and traffic jams. We are ready to accept your orders at any time. It is fast, easy, and it is safe!

ClassiQmen.biz Values

1. Satisfy every customers

2. Stylish

3. Transparency

4. Friendly

5. People Person

ClassiQmen.biz Mission

To be the #1 online store in the Africa