Fur Inside Smart Boot? Yes or No?

Posted by Emmanuel 02/05/2017 0 Comment(s)


I have always been a bit skeptical about fur inside of boots. It’s not the most ‘manly’ thing (this is what I thought when I was younger). And it wasn’t until I spent a few days of Winter in Latvia where it got to around -20 centigrade. I wore my Snoqualmie boots with thick socks but realized that it was not sufficient in keeping my feet warm. My girlfriend had warned me about it, telling me that I needed fur boots, and the stubborn brut that I am, I ignored her and told her I would be fine. Well, I wasn’t. I had to go buy some Timberlands to keep my feet warm. I learned that in proper cold countries, fur (or faux fur) is necessary in keeping your feet warm. The problem is that I feel like it is a difficult execution to get right, making a dress boot with fur inside that is yet both manly and elegant. Santoni, for me, has always done the best job at this. I remember that the first dress boot I ever saw with fur inside was probably the 1st edition of the model you see here (by Santoni), back in 2006. I was really impressed with it and would have purchased it for it not have been way out of my price range ($1250 back then). And year after year, I have seen their new edition of that same boot and continue to appreciate it.

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