TAFT Boots - Something unique

Posted by ClassiQmen 01/05/2017 0 Comment(s)


Like a broken record, I will repeat that it is always refreshing to see shoes/designs that are ‘different.’ And Taft shoes/boots are anything but the ‘norm.’ They offer a fresh, modern twist not only on the derby boot but even on their shoes, incorporating a lot of woven leather. And not only do they make a twist with their signature contrasted cap, but also do a lot of natural (or lighter colored) sole edgings which also gives you a strong contrast and sets them apart from the rest. And to top it all off, they use a lot of cloths/fabrics which we all know that I am a big fan of. Made out of Spain, using the blake stitched method and costing around $240, I dare say that they offer what appears to be good value for money, not to mention great style! I particularly like the ones directly below in the grey cloth and burgundy caps. That is a nice combo!

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